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Students Explore Charles County Founder's Site By Meredith Somers, Maryland Independent

It all started with the turn of a page.

Scott Strickland, a 2008 graduate of St. Mary's College of Maryland, was leafing through local land records earlier this year when he came across a deed transfer that referred to "the plantation which I lately dwell."

While that phrase might not have a place in modern lingo, when Strickland read those words and accompanying description of an area that's currently between Hatton Creek and Charleston Creek, just north of Cobb Island, the anthropology major knew he was on to something big.

"It was really pure luck and coincidence," Strickland said. "We began setting points at one lot; the site was about 200 feet by 400 feet and everything was out there."

What Strickland had found were clues to an elusive target: The home of former Maryland Gov.